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My Weekly Top 5

This has been a week of transition for me. I was in San Antonio, TX last week getting the last of a dental procedure done, and spent the whole week with friends and not having mom duties at all. Then I flew back home to Pennsylvania, and bam back to reality. Finding time with mom duties, wife-life, studying, exercising, working with clients, and more, it can be hard to find that time to explore new ideas, inventions, and resources out there. I hope every week, though to bring you all 5 things that are really interesting me right now. So, here we go.

I actually just found this website today, but instantly fell in love. Here's what they are about: "In order to work towards a world that values bodily autonomy for all, YES! provides anti-oppressive and shame-free sexuality education through a social justice lens to people of all ages and across various forms of media so that we can all live more liberated and healthy lives." Also, here is an article that explains what they do in action:

Not sure how I never knew the place I trained at for my sexologist certification had a podcast, but now I know, and I have been devouring the show as quickly as possible.

3. Consent for Kids

We own this book and I have read it to my own children several times. It is a fantastic introductory course to consent, and really enables wonderful conversations about body autonomy too.

I can not say enough about this website!!! I was turned onto it last year by Mel Robbins. It is literally just a site to encourage you to write 750 words everyday. For someone who is a blogger, or author of any kind, or even someone just needing a spot to journal, this is a fantastic resource and only $5 a month.

The Pulse Duo Lux. I recently got in a conversation with a friend over the pulse line of aid by Hot Octopuss. The Pulse solo was originally an expanded upon idea for vibrators used for penis owners who have suffered some sort of spinal cord injury, are paraplegic, or have lost sensation below the waist for other reasons. The Pulse is meant to be a hand free device that can work even on a flaccid penis. With the new Duo Pulse, both partners can have orgasmic fun while being intimate.

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