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My weekly Top 5

This has been a busy week, and I am definitely in a season of harvest and refocusing right now. With Easter approaching, it definitely feels like I am taking in that new life energy and that of new beginnings. Despite all the busyness, I still wanted to take the time to share with you 5 new things I am excited about or have been thinking about this week.


I'm all about helping females and female-presenting people feel sexy and powerful in what they wear and to accomplish that task at a good price. With amazing prices and pieces I instantly fell in love with, I had to share this new site I found.


I have listened to several episodes of the Erotic Awakening Podcast. While I don't always agree with all of their points, I do believe they do have some good conversations, and a wide knowledge base, especially of the kink community, and a lot of history and information about the kink community to share.


Being one of the oldest and most well-known in the game of adult toys and vibrators, and yet still one of the most widely used, says a lot about this toy. With the different variations available today, not to mention the myriad of attachments now made for the magic wand, it is definitely a must-have toy for anyone's adult toy box.

#4 Girl Boner & Workbook

In a culture where female empowerment is used to sell everything from sex toys to soap, most sex education continues to bypass pleasure. The results are stark; we’ve grown accustomed to slut- and prude-shaming and allowed others to dictate how a “good girl” is meant to feel, act, and look.

In Girl Boner: The Good Girl’s Guide to Sexual Empowerment, August McLaughlin offers an inclusive, unfiltered blend of personal narrative and practical tips on relationships, solo play, journaling, gender issues, and more. From the perks of “Jilling off” to the 7 types of ‘gasms, Girl Boner will “empower you to own your sexual self and enjoy … your whole life a great deal more.”

I have personally read and worked through both the book and the journal. I think this is a really great resource to have for yourself and any woman you care about.

#5 Perifit

Perifit is a Kegel exerciser that lets you control video games with your pelvic floor. When you contract your pelvic floor, the bird goes up. When you relax it, the bird goes down. These games were designed by doctors to help properly strengthen the pelvic floor. It works so well that more than 1000 doctors already recommend Perifit to combat incontinence and prolapse and other pelvic floor disorders.

Being a personal use of Perifit, I have noticed a marked difference in my orgasm ability and penetrative sex feels. I have also noticed a difference in all those post-baby issues of urge incontinence and frequency incontinence, as well as a definite increase in my kegel strength.

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