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Services Offered

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 Kink Aware Professional & Educator

Kink-aware practitioners are those that have had additional training and insight into the diverse expressions of sexuality. I have not only studied this area but have also worked within the community in varying capacities. Whatever your kinks may be (rope, BDSM, fetish, ethical non-monogamy, etc.) I am trained and ready to work with you. 

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Happy Shopper

Personal Shopper

Is it your first time going to an adult store? Unsure of where to get fetish wear? What are the best couples toys? What if you want to try kink play? Maybe you just need advice on what lingerie looks good on you?

My personal shopper services are for those who may be a bit intimidated or just unsure about shopping for things to wear for intimate time or what to buy for intimate time. I can either go with you in person to a store, or we can shop digitally together. My fees for this are dependent upon time, gas, and whether or not delivery of toys/products need to be figured out. Prices start at $20 an hour. 

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Speaking Engagements

When it comes to speaking engagements I can cover a  wide range of topics. From sex and parenting, differing relationship styles, female sexual health and anatomy, male sexual health and anatomy, BDSM and kink basics, toys, sensual touch, and so much more. 

Please contact to discuss type of events and pricing. 

Speaking Engagements
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