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Sex Counseling

sex counselor is specially trained in sex therapy methods beyond the minimal amount of training about sexuality that is required for many licenses and degrees.

Sex counseling is talk therapy. Sex counseling views sexual issues as being resolved by specifically addressing them, rather than by the assumption that when the individuals in a relationship work out the relationship issues, the sex will just fall into place. 

Sex counselors also tend to have greater than average knowledge about the physiological processes that are a part of human sexuality. I tend to take a holistic approach to each client as a person when discussing their sexual/sexuality concerns.

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Kink Aware Professional

Kink-aware practitioners are those that have had additional training and insight into the diverse expressions of sexuality. I have not only studied this area, but have also worked within the community in varying capacities. Whatever your kinks may be (rope, BDSM, fetish, ethical non-monogamy, etc.) I am trained and ready to work with you. 

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