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My Weekly Top 5

Allergy season is the worst!!!! It's funny in the world of covid; we forget that all the normal sickness and allergies all still exist. I got put on my butt for about 48 hours this week, and I'm still dealing with ocular and sinus migraines. I hate days like that. It feels like all my energy is taken, and I get nothing done, which triggers all those self-talk issues of not doing enough and not being enough. But part of my personal self-care and self-love journey is giving myself grace on days like that and learning to know that I am worthy of rest. Do you ever struggle with those feelings of unworthiness or of not being enough? How do you get by on those days? How do you practice self-love and acceptance?

Even though it was a tough week, I still managed to learn a few things, and I bring you my top 5 things for this week.

#1 Sex with Emily

Dr. Emily Morse and her podcast Sex with Emily was one of the first sex-positive and educational podcasts I began listening to. Her website and podcast are so full of amazing information. I actually recently had the pleasure of getting to sit in on a live taping of her podcast and got to speak with her for a few minutes following the episode. She is one of my role models for sure and such a person of inspiration and knowledge for me. If you have never looked at her website or listened to her podcast, I highly encourage you to check both out as soon as possible.

#2 Dr. Evan Goldstein & Bespoke Surgical

I actually learned about Dr. Goldstein on the latest episode of Sex with Emily. It was an episode about anal sex and how to have it safely. I checked out his website, and I definitely encourage any of you who have ever had an interest in anal sex or anal play to check out the information on his website. There is information on how to work up to anal play, eat for anal play, clean for anal play, and more. I can not say enough good things about him and his website for all interested in anal fun.

#3 Sexual Surrogacy

Sexual surrogacy has been a debated area for many years. I watched my first documentary and first began learning about sexual surrogacy about 6 years ago. While I am not a sexual surrogate, I do thoroughly believe that it can be a beneficial and needed service in some cases. This article does a good job of giving you the basics of sexual surrogacy. I also recently read this fantastic article about how the Israeli government utilizes and pays for sexual surrogates for soldiers who have been wounded and need to be rehabilitated sexually. ( ). While I know for some sexual surrogacy can still feel like "iffy" territory, I think it is a beneficial service for those who truly struggle or need a more hands-on approach to navigating sexual concerns.

#4 The Sessions

Following up with sexual surrogates, The Sessions is a fantastic movie that I thoroughly encourage any interested in understanding this field more to watch. It stars Helen Hunt and John Hawkes. John Hawkes is paralyzed from contracting polio in his youth and spends much of his life in an iron lung. Helen Hunt is brought on to help Hawkes character with some sexual concerns he is facing. This movie is beautifully done and is a wonderful representation of sexual surrogacy and its usefulness within our society. I believe you can watch it on Amazon Prime or Hulu.

#5 Eva II by Dame

This wonderful toy is so fun and so useful, too, especially in positions where clitoral stimulation is not as easily achieved, such as doggy or reverse cowgirl. Eva II was made to stay in place on the clitoris during penetrative intercourse. It could also be used during anal play or fingering as well. Since about 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, finding a toy that can provide that stimulation hands-free while other fun is happening will release you and your partner to have even more intimate fun together. If you try it out, be sure to let me know your thoughts!!

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